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Terms & Conditions

1) Dubai Visa application is processed after the correct & required documentation is completed according to the checklist. Full payment has to be done to get the visa processed.

2) The Dubai visa application is processed on the same working day if required or next working day after we received all the documents. For Urgent cases it may be processed on the same day. The processing duration only takes into consideration the working days. Visa is not processed on Friday and Saturday and national holidays in UAE, as the UAE Immigration department for visa processing is closed. Please visit this link to check the holiday list in UAE

3) We recommend you to apply for your Visa at least 10-15 days prior to your arrival. The general visa processing duration is 3-5 working days. In case of application being on hold due to any reason with the Immigration, the approval may take another few more working days.

4) Although the validity of the visa issued is 60-days, the travelers have to enter the UAE within 15 days of the date of visa issue. If the passenger travels after 15 days he will charged additional amount of USD $50 an extra fee.

5) Travelers whose visas are already issued and could not travel due to uncertain reasons. There is a penalty of USD $100 will be charged from the applicant.

6) The tourist has to exit the country within the duration of the visa applied. If in case the tourist does not exit the country within the due date specified, a fine of USD $30/day will be charged from the applicant as an overstay fine from our side apart from the fines incurred by the immigration department of UAE.

7) If you had applied for a 60 days visa, please make sure you inform us after entering the country to extend your visa. The visa can be extended within the due date. We are not responsible if the same is not extended on time.

8) If you wish to extend your visa you through us please advise us 5-10 days before the expiry of your visa.

9) We will not responsible for any medical problems that the traveler might incur during the time of travel or stay in UAE. Hence, we recommend getting Insurance as it protects the travelers while travelling abroad.

10) Please make sure that you buy a confirmed return air ticket for the return after your stay in UAE

11) Issuances of all Dubai Visa applications are subjected to immigration laws. as an agency can only be of your assistance to process Visa and has no authority to issue a visa ourselves.

12) Visa fees is non refundable in any condition. The duration of the visa processing are in general laid down by the Immigration department and does not guarantee visa in that stipulated time.

13) The grant, duration, condition/s or refusal of a visa or the time taken for processing a visa application is subject to the sole discretion of the Government of UAE / DNRD. We as an agency are not responsible if your visa get delayed due to any circumstances.

14) Once the Dubai visa fee is paid for visa service (urgent or regular visa)and the visa is delayed due to any circumstances, we are not be held liable or responsible for any such cases including refunds, travel cost and other expenses of any sort. We are an acting agency for Providing Dubai visa services.

Should you require any further information on visas, you may contact on 02084323412 or email us